Friday, September 02, 2011

Thoughts on Summer

With that harbinger of fall, Labor Day weekend, upon us, I take a fleeting moment to reflect on the highs and lows of summer. My daughter got married, bringing family and friends together in joy on an island paradise. Within days of the celebration, my uncle died and brought family together again, this time in sadness in my childhood home. In the midst of my all flights between California and the East Coast for these two dramatically opposite occasions, I began a career transition.

There’s a new patio surrounding my home since the start of summer. As much as my resultant diminished budget will allow, I’ve socialized with friends, gone to lunch and dinner, been to a few movies. I’ve enjoyed the outdoors, read half a dozen books and cleaned out one closet (five more to go), so I feel reasonably productive. Today would have been my 39th wedding anniversary, so I also feel correspondingly old.

The end of summer always brings a unique wistfulness and an awareness of time passing. The calendar is propelling us towards the holiday season, which concludes with the start of a new year. We’ll all be another year older, perhaps wiser, and already anticipating the arrival of next summer—whatever joys or sorrows it may bring.