Thursday, October 20, 2011

Debatable Value

I don’t know about you, but I can’t watch the GOP candidate debates. I’ve tried, in occasional ten-minute segments and in news clips after the fact. Based on the various snippets of debate footage I’ve seen, the debates all seem to play out like one continuous slow motion train wreck.

According to the schedule, we’ve only got about 87 more debates to go (or so it seems).

I have a lot of questions about the debates. Why are MSM anchors hosting these disasters? Those chuckleheads aren’t going to ask any decent questions. Why are the candidates lunging at each other’s jugular veins? Why aren’t they presenting a united front by focusing on President Obama’s failures as a leader? There’s enough material on that topic alone for a few hundred debates.

Why are the candidates instead talking about apples, oranges, and gardeners? Why aren’t they talking about jobs, the economy, jobs, unemployment, jobs, the deficit, jobs, the debt, jobs, border security, jobs, national security, and did I mention jobs? Why aren’t they concentrating on that looming national catastrophe, Obamacare?

Why is Rick Santorum so whiney? Why is Ron Paul allowed to walk the streets unsupervised? Why can’t Mitt Romney ever seem unrehearsed? Why is Rick Perry always “fixin’ to” do something? Why is Michele Bachmann dressed like Lt. Uhura?

Watching the Republican debates is kind of like watching an Obama speech or press conference. You find yourself brimming with multiplying questions but hearing no real answers. You get bored with listening and shut off the television. You hope it doesn’t happen again—but you know it will.

I think I’ll try tuning out until the 2012 general election results. There’s no debate about the fact that those will be well worth watching.