Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Question of Timing

Here's a link to the countries where American military troops are currently deployed. As you can see, there are dozens of them, all over the world. American troops have been stationed in many of these countries for all of this century and half of the last century. Thanks to every single one of them for their service.

One dramatic example is Korea, where the U.S. military has kept the peace since the 1953 truce between North and South Korea. According to a report linked here, issued today, there are no plans to draw down the 28,500 American troops in Korea--budget cuts notwithstanding.

So, aside from political ideology and a flailing presidency, what is the reason for President Obama's big hurry to pull out of Iraq, a country that will most assuredly suffer mightily from our abrupt departure? This is, of course, a rhetorical question. After all, there's a presidential election coming up next year. Since he's already mucked up healthcare, the economy, unemployment rates, the debt, and the national deficit, it would be a glaring omission for Barack Obama to neglect screwing up foreign policy before the fourth quarter.

The president has got to work fast now. There are three years behind him and only one short year ahead for him to continue blaming George W. Bush. When it comes to grabbing the spotlight by making dramatic speeches about his latest jarring change to our national identity, time is beginning to run out on President Obama.

That's the good news. I can only hope and pray this game doesn't go into overtime.