Friday, December 30, 2011


Unbroken was on my Christmas list, and I must have been a good girl this past year. I received it as one of my gifts and have been ripping through it since December 26.

Today I have less than one-third of the book to finish reading, and I can recommend it highly to anyone who has an interest in riveting stories, excellent writing, vivid history, wartime cruelty, the enduring strength of the human spirit, the brave actions of inspiring people, or any combination of the above.

There's a reason this book, published in 2010, continues to populate numerous best seller lists. The one-time Olympic runner Louie Zamperini's story, as told by the incomparable American author Laura Hillenbrand, will grip you from the first page of the preface and not let go. I've heard Mr. Zamperini interviewed on the radio--he's now a cheerful, chatty 94-year old whose sunny attitude and sense of humor belie the extensive horrors he endured nearly 70 years ago.

Unbroken is an American story, but it's also a universally appealing story of faith, determination, and triumph over evil's deepest darkness. If you aren't one of the millions of readers who have already done so, treat yourself to an enthralling read with Unbroken.