Thursday, January 19, 2012

Technology Tea Party

Isn’t it great to have Wiki up and running smoothly again?

I really enjoyed yesterday’s Internet blackouts. It was the spirit of 1773 all over again. With search engines and websites going dark and offering petitions against regulating the Internet, along with easy links to complain to elected representatives, millions of American citizens gladly stood up to excessive governmental authority by logging on and cyber-screaming “No more!”

The force and magnitude of public reaction to the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation certainly shocked our ruling oligarchy in Washington. They were probably wondering, can the torches and pitchforks outside the Capitol be far behind? Perhaps they had good reason for such concern. Americans are sick and tired of being regulated and legislated at every turn. We are beginning to draw our line in the sand, and the perfect starting point is Everyman’s Internet.

If there is one place—and there may be only one place—in the economy that has grown and thrived during this prolonged recession, it is technology. Now, why is that? Could it be due to the fact that the bureaucrats haven’t gotten their power-hungry paws on the Internet yet? Might it be because entrepreneurial, hard-working, creative people find the Internet to be the one unfettered haven of freedom and opportunity for expression and achievement?

It appears that the entertainment industry will have to find another way to deal with piracy. Politicians, always a beat behind the grassroots they supposedly represent, are slowly catching on to the reality that the American Internet surfer is holding the mouse that roared.