Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mark His Words

I had read that a fragment of Mark's gospel had been discovered recently, but scholarly caution was keeping the information shrouded in mystery, pending verification. Then tonight, on my drive home, I heard an interview with Dallas Theological Seminary's Daniel B. Wallace. Wallace is involved in the Mark's gospel fragment project.

Wallace couldn't say too much, bound by confidentiality, but he did state that the scrap of papyrus was discovered in Egypt. There will be a book, to be published in about a year, with full details. This newly discovered document dates to the first century, decades before the earliest known gospel documents. John 18, dated to 125 A.D., is currently the earliest known fragment. Therefore any verifiable document that predates it will be a highly significant archaeological find, from both biblical and scientific perspectives.

It makes me wonder. With all the upheaval, hatred, and problems in the world today, maybe the time was right for a reminder of something greater than ourselves. A refresher course on the reliability of truth and goodness would come in handy just about now. I'm going to be looking for that book next year.