Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life Moments

I've been offline, enjoying my new grandson. Becoming a grandparent is one of those life moments in which you don't want to miss a second. I was fully immersed in the moment and loved every minute of it.

It has been awe-inspiring to watch my daughter turn into a mother--and a very wonderful one--right before my eyes. It's gratifying to see that she and her husband are forging a strong family right from the start. It has been a joy to hold the baby, look into his beautiful eyes, and know that his arrival is one of those unique, very special occasions that make my life worthwhile. If parents have a payday, these past few weeks have been mine.

Time is like a river, and sometimes its currents surge with startling power and speed. Suddenly I find myself back home on the West Coast, ready to follow the stream of my own life again. Before I know it, my grandson will be coming with his parents to visit me. I'm already anticipating that next life moment, hopefully one of many in the years to come.