Thursday, June 28, 2012

Full Circle

Let's look at things this way. We're back where we can make the difference. Now, come November, "We the People" will have the opportunity to decide the final fate of President Obama's healthcare bill.

There's no one left to look to except ourselves, friends. The emperor--oh, excuse me, the president--is completely absorbed with building his realm in the image and likeness of his cherished left-wing ideology. He really doesn't give a fig about the concerns of the little people.

The congressional oligarchy, from the very start of this wildly unpopular legislation, ignored the significant and steady public outcry against "Obamacare." They never gave us a thought when they shoved the bill through. Many are gone, shut out of office by outraged voters in 2010. But the Congress and Senate in place today are focused on preserving their jobs and the accompanying endless perks. Constituents enter their minds only when it's time to ask for donations.

And today, the chief justice of the country sold out over 300 million Americans so that he can look good in the history books. He actually changed the definition of "penalty" to "tax" to allow the law to stand. Talk about judicial activism. But where are the outraged media leftists now? Since their agenda benefited from this national betrayal, MSM is smugly silent on the activism issue.

It's up to us, fellow Americans. We've got to get a new president elected. OMG--Obama Must Go. Even with a new president and a new Congress and Senate, our future is murky. We are living in what Mark Levin calls a "post-constitutional" America.

What would it be like if Barack Obama is elected to a second term, with no fear of facing a re-election campaign? I shiver to think of the further wreckage. The country would be unrecognizable by 2016.

Today was a wake-up call for action, for every U.S. citizen who cares about our country and its future. We must push hard for our own hope and change come November. Americans have been in this spot before, in the 1770s, and we prevailed then. We can do it again. We're still Americans and we're still patriots, even if our so-called leaders are not. "To arms, to arms"--to the ballot box.