Sunday, June 03, 2012

Just Wondering...

Hey, didn't we fight the Iraq war to get the oil? At least, that's what I've been told uncounted times by my left-leaning friends.

So where is it, all that Iraqi oil? What's the deal with Iraq's growing oil industry? Hugh Hewitt points out the absurdity of the liberal argument that we fought to get the oil. Yes, of course we did--which is why I'm paying $4.15 per gallon for gas in California.

As the astute and acerbic Mark Steyn once said in an interview, "the United States does not have an imperialistic bone in its body." This fact is so obviously true. What do we immediately hear at the start of any U.S. military action? Always the same question: "What is our exit strategy?" Contrary to popular lore, we are not the Roman Empire, tacking on our conquests as we burn and pillage our way through the world. Our national deeds have confirmed this, from Korea to Vietnam, from Bosnia to Iraq and Afghanistan. But there remain many--especially in the media--who refuse to believe their lying eyes.