Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thief in the Night

It looks like we've arrived at the threshold. Tyranny always begins with one knock on the door at midnight. After the door is opened, the knocks grow ever more frequent until suddenly, the jackboots rule.

Read Instapundit's excellent analysis, linked here. While on the subject, ask yourself why the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is calling an obscure pastor in Florida to recommend that he rethink his inclinations to promote the infamous video supposedly causing all the chaos in the Middle East.

By the way, anyone who thinks the meltdown in the Mid-East is due to a trashy video and not to a coordinated effort by our enemies to attack the United States on the anniversary of September 11 is naive in the extreme. Naive, ill-informed, willfully blind, or all three. Check with the president of Libya if you don't believe me. The scapegoat video is serving the purpose of propping up President Obama's disastrous foreign policy. If the widespread death and destruction is all due to bad video, well then Obama's "Kumbaya" foreign policy must still be working.

But back to the unfortunate, not to mention untalented, filmmaker being hauled off for questioning in the dark of night. Ask yourself how a U.S. president sworn to protect the Constitution could so flagrantly violate his oath of office when an individual's actions are causing him inconvenience?

Perhaps a better question: Under a President Obama who never needs to face the voters again, will the exceptions to the First Amendment ever end? An even more chilling question: What evidence do we have that the exceptions would stop at the First Amendment?