Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Bad Piece of Work

The more the news leaks out, the worse the story of the Benghazi cover-up gets. The shocking chain of events leading up to the death of four Americans on September 11, 2012, is uncoiling like a basket full of poisonous snakes.

There are several facts that can't be avoided. The first is that one of President Obama's stories is a lie--the attack can't be a pre-planned terrorist act and a spontaneous mob reaction to a video. The second is that no Commander in Chief worthy of the title hops on his plane and jaunts off to a Las Vegas fundraiser the same day that Americans are murdered by terrorists.

A third fact, most disturbing of all, is that the president had to have known what was happening, as it happened. As the bin Laden raid proved, this is the technological era of "live feed." Yet no help was authorized for our people in Benghazi, even as they begged for it during their prolonged battle. Why not? When directly asked that question by an interviewer, the president refused to answer--twice.

Tyrone Woods, one of two former Navy SEALs who died in the attack, was disobeying orders to "stand down" when he was murdered. He wasn't going to sit on his hands while the U.S. Ambassador he was assigned to protect was slaughtered. It cost him his life, but Woods was a man of courage and integrity, and he made the right decision. Too bad his "superiors" are so inferior to him.

This president is a bad piece of work. How fortunate for the nation that the presidential election is a mere nine days away. If by some chance Barack Obama is re-elected, he faces questions that will not go away and answers that will haunt a second term--not to mention a "legacy."