Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ten Reasons to Hope for Change

Last month, Hugh Hewitt devoted an entire show to “100 Reasons to Vote Against Obama/For Mitt Romney.” I downloaded the podcast and listened again, writing out the complete list.

Hugh said he came up with 100 reasons in less than an hour. The indictment includes such nasty items as the jam-down of Obamacare, the Solyndra financial debacle, and the drastic cuts to our military.
Choosing only ten reasons took some doing. I highlighted my “favorites” and found myself with 25 reasons. Combing through the 25 reasons, I whittled my personal list down to ten:

Ten Reasons Not to Vote for Obama

1.      The HHS attack on the Catholic Church and religious freedom

2.      The Benghazi 9/11 cover-up

3.      23 million Americans still unemployed

4.      The unelected bureaucratic IPAB of Obamacare deciding our health care

5.      The $700 billion cut to Medicare

6.      The growing deficit and debt

7.      Refusal to do a budget in three years

8.      Calling Fort Hood’s jihadist massacre “workplace violence.”

9.      Refusal to honor his Oath of Office and enforce marriage and immigration laws.

10.  The cover-up of the “Fast and Furious” Federal gun running scandal

All 100 reasons are valid. But there is one that resonates throughout all the other 99 reasons—“character counts.” Here’s hoping for change on November 6.