Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Gift of Learning

Today I finished the second course on the U.S. Constitution from Hillsdale College. If anyone is interested in America's founding and wonders how we as a nation devolved into our current bureaucratic mess, I recommend you visit Hillsdale's website, linked here, sign up, and start learning.

That's why I took the courses, which are presented as a series of online lectures. I kept wondering, how did the U.S. get to this point of gargantuan government? What would the Founding Fathers think of laws and regulations governing our choice of light bulbs, snacks foods, even trash containers? Hillsdale's Constitution 101 and 201 are gifts of education that will go a long way towards fostering better understanding of where we are as a country and, most importantly, how we got here.

There is no charge for the courses, although voluntary donations are of course welcomed.

If knowledge is power, education is the conduit. I can't think of a better holiday gift to give yourself than taking these courses. Who knows? If enough Americans learn the reasons why we're in the predicament we're in, perhaps "We the People" can start making positive changes.