Sunday, May 12, 2013

That's My Mom

The photo is of my mother, in her mid-20s. Quite the "hottie," in today's lingo.

In the jargon of the 1940s, when they began dating, my father would have termed her "a tomato." Quite naturally, that probably is exactly what prompted his first interest in getting to know her a little better. Thanks, Dad.

Mothers are people, too. Consequently all moms have their flaws, faults, and undesirable traits. The trick to successful motherhood is to have a greater number of the positive characteristics to model to your children. To this day, in her nineties, my mother has strength, faith, determination, and an incredible ability to accept whatever trials life throws her way. I have learned much from her example in these areas, and her indomitable spirit still inspires me.

At my stage of life, I know how fortunate I am to have her here still, and I'm grateful to be able to offer her the annual homage--Happy Mother's Day, Mom.