Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Keeping It Simple

It can be challenging to decide how to start a blog post these days, what with all the explosive news stories percolating simultaneously, worldwide. But the article I stumbled across about Pope Francis being a no-show at the Vatican concert really captured my fancy.
Story/photo: Reuters 6/25/13. Link

I mean, really. A white "throne" for Francis to sit on, apart from all the other attendees? Have these guys been paying any attention at all? The College of Cardinals reminds me of the United States Congress--they just don't get it. Both entities want to continue doing things their own comfortable way and are astonished when their bosses--the People of the United States, in the case of Congress, or Pope Francis, in the case of the cardinals--prefer a different approach.

Here's a quote that's beyond priceless:

"It took us by surprise," said one Vatican source on Monday. "We are still in a period of growing pains. He is still learning how to be pope and we are still learning how he wants to do it."

Francis, "learning how" to be pope? Um, I don't think so, confused Vatican source. That man knows exactly what he's doing. Pope Francis is the right man at the right time, and he's a breath of fresh air blasting welcome shock waves through the tired, dusty old Catholic Church.

My advice to you and your brethren, dear slow-witted Vatican source? Keep on "learning how he wants to do it." You can start by auctioning off the white throne.