Monday, October 21, 2013

Standing Up for Health

A woman standing behind President Obama during his rah-rah-healthcare speech today nearly passed out. I'm surprised she was the only one. From what I've heard of it, the speech was bad enough to induce a coma in anyone listening to more than three sentences. I'd rather sit through 27 minutes of a Ginsu steak knives infomercial than listen to today's speech.

But going back to the stage extras...where do these prop people come from, anyway? It seems the president can't speak unless he has a cluster of admiring grandstanders arrayed behind him in perfect formation. They always look kind of like a makeshift Mormon Tabernacle Choir hauled in from Washington's central casting office. Are these human backdrops meant to be an endorsement or a distraction? Are they government employees in a newly formed federal agency, maybe DEPSA--The Department of Extras for Presidential Speeches and Appearances?

I wish the president would just be quiet. Please, Mr. President. Stop talking for a few days. It won't kill you, and it might even help your healthcare plans. Think about it--not hearing you for awhile might keep lots of us from getting sick. Just ask that lady behind you--the one who's about to keel over in a heap.