Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Color of Clueless

Oprah's recent ranting against "racist" America is more pathetic than enraging. She's got her gifts, but intellectual heft certainly isn't one of them.

Here is a multi-billionaire woman, one of the most famous people in the world. She happens to be of African American descent, but the majority of her fans aren't. As an American, Oprah built her fortune in the free market capitalist system that made this country great. She enjoys all the benefits and advantages of being a rich American woman, and she leveraged her wealth and influence to help elect the first African American president. Good for her. That's what free countries are all about.

It took a lot of non-black votes being cast for President Obama to be elected. And it takes a lot of non-white dollars being spent to keep Oprah at the pinnacle she has reached. It's a shame she's too ignorant to recognize how well both she and the president have succeeded in this "racist" hellhole called the U.S.A.

Oprah opines that the old racists will "just have to die" before things change in the U.S. Really? What about the 60% of voters under age 30 (of all colors) who voted for Barack Obama in 2012? More than half of them now view the president negatively. I doubt his skin color has much to do with their disapproval.

Why would Obama voters turn against him? Could the problem be shoving bad healthcare policy on us? Telling too many lies? Covering up multiple scandals? Insulting our longtime allies? Kissing up to our mortal enemies? There's a virtual smorgasbord of reasons why President Obama's approval rating is down to a mere 37%, and his race isn't one of them. Oprah needs some new talking points as much as she needs to face facts.

Incompetence is an equal opportunity deficiency, and it has no color. The nation's trouble right now is that our president is doing a bad job. That's the truth---in black and white.