Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Gospel in Motion

"It's not a political agenda -- it's an evangelical one."
~ Kathryn Lopez on Pope Francis

Spreading the Good News
The Church's message hasn't changed, but the delivery has. And it's getting through. Pope Francis has earned enormous support with his simple style and direct answers. It's not like he's starting a new, more hip religion, as much of the media seems to believe. It's just that he's not allowing himself to be distracted with issues-du-jour.

This pope is a man on a mission to call us into action to make a better world. He's also quite the traditionalist, as he exhibited yesterday on Twitter:

Mary, Our Mother, sustain us in moments of darkness, difficultly and apparent defeat.

Hmm. What would Diane Sawyer do with that one?

Pope Francis is not exactly a wild-eyed revolutionary. Far from burning down the house, he seems intent on renovating it. There's room for all on the punch list. As Mother Teresa noted, even if you can only help one person, do it. Choose a chore and get to work.