Monday, January 06, 2014

Great Man, Great Life

Jerry Coleman - Old Timers Day, 2010
"The best second baseman I ever saw on the double play."
~ Yankee manager Casey Stengel

"We weren't heroes. The only heroes I know are dead."
~ Jerry Coleman, awarded 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses

The late, great Jerry Coleman - sorry to contradict him, but he was an American hero, and I just can't say enough about him:

* Marine fighter pilot, WWII and Korean War
* New York Yankees Baseball World Series MVP 
* San Diego Padres Baseball Hall of Fame Broadcaster

Read about this remarkable man for yourself, and you'll know why San Diego is so sad tonight. "Hang a star" on that life. You will be so missed, Jerry. And oh, doctor--is Pete ever going to be glad to meet you.