Sunday, January 12, 2014

Night and Day

John Podhoretz presents some interesting thoughts on why Chris Christie is being savaged by the media over traffic jams while President Obama remains untouched by the IRS scandal. It's nauseating, but it is true.

Although I find him refreshing, I'm not on fire for Gov. Christie. But I did find several dramatic contrasts in the way Christie handled a crisis in his administration vs. how President Obama handles the many in his own. Just for starters, Christie:

  1. Faced (a hostile) press, immediately
  2. Took responsibility
  3. Apologized 
  4. Talked for two hours--without a teleprompter
  5. Fired guilty parties
  6. Asked what fault was within him that enabled the bad behavior

The last point is a key takeaway.  Barack Obama labors under the delusion that he is perfect, so it doesn't occur to him to question his own contribution to any variant behavior in his underlings. While Christie may or may not be "finished" politically, by his actions he has proven himself to be the more decisive, proactive leader. With our current president, presenting such a stark contrast really doesn't take too much effort. The media may refuse to note the difference. But nonetheless, there it is for all to see.