Monday, July 21, 2014

Newsworthy or Nuisance?

The Islamists persecuting Christians in Iraq doesn't merit much mention on network TV news. Iraqi Christians have been threatened with death and driven from their homes by the fanatics. If it were Muslims fleeing Iraq to save their families' lives from Christians, I suspect MSM would find 30 seconds to cover it on the evening news.

This situation has been described by Iraq's Catholic leader as "worse than Genghis Khan." I wonder how heinous the persecution of Christians would have to be before it's considered newsworthy.

It's similar to the Israeli deaths vs. those in Gaza. The Muslim deaths get the prime coverage, right upfront at the start of the broadcasts and print news articles. Jewish deaths are mentioned briefly after detailed coverage of the Islamic casualties.

In global conflicts today, the deaths of Jews and Christians--whose religious philosophies represent the bedrock of Western Civilization--are somehow less worthy of thorough reporting than the deaths of those in the radical extremist religion that pledges to eradicate the West.