Thursday, August 21, 2014

Faith and Fate

"It didn't make sense, but faith did."
~ Jim Foley

When journalist Jim Foley was held prisoner the first time he was captured, in Libya in
Jim Foley -
2011, he prayed the Rosary on his knuckles. We can't know, but I would guess he probably followed the same practice during his second captivity before his brutal execution by Islamic terrorists.

No stranger to mortal peril, Jim Foley seemed to face his gruesome death with resignation and an acceptance that his luck had run out. The covert rescue attempt by US Special Forces earlier this summer was unsuccessful; there's a story there, too, that may emerge in time.

I've only seen still photos taken immediately before his murder; I will never watch the video. You can't "unsee" something, so I choose not to carry that memory. It's enough to remember that Foley's life made a difference, in ways we may not yet understand.