Thursday, August 14, 2014

Golf and War

"There being not much happening around the world at the moment, the President played golf today..."
~ Mark Steyn

Photo: PJ Media
No matter how grim the circumstances, Mark Steyn can find a way to make me smile. His effectiveness as a sharply humorous chronicler of current events has landed him in legal hot water. As is a well-known fact, the progressive "Thought Police" don't much relish being made light of. Disciples of accepted left-wing gospel truths are usually as serious as a heart attack and can be just as dangerous to life.

No amount of humor can hide the fact that we are in serious trouble. We have no national leader at present, a first in my lifetime. Even President Jimmy Carter made the effort, as ineffective as it was. Our current president seems completely disinterested in our role as a country and an ally. He'll chime in on race-baiting whenever the opportunity presents itself. In fact, I haven't ever seen race relations this bad--and I grew up in the '60s. I'll chalk that up to part of President Obama's "legacy."

The dangers we face today--strengthening Russian aggression, barbaric Islamic terrorism and genocide, disintegration of our southern border--are not worthy of the president's tee-time. Yet even if he switches to his bike ride in an effort to avoid it, the sand trap of the Middle East yawns before us with no way around it.

Regardless of who he choses to blame, this is Obama's war, and it's one that his disinterest has needlessly driven us into.