Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jihad in the Heartland?

Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.  ~ Matthew 24:42

It's almost surreal, how the beheading of an American woman at work quickly evaporated from all American MSM outlets within hours of Colleen Hufford's brutal murder.

The Hufford Home - Moore, Oklahoma
I've been watching the news, on various MSM alphabet TV channels, since it happened. These evening "infotainment" programs have been uniformly strict about avoiding any mention of the atrocity. This means the news anchors will yammer on for long minutes about celebrity weddings in Italy, a former president becoming a grandfather, and even stray grizzly bears wandering into backyards on Main Street, USA. They will cover any semblance of a story except the fact that a fanatical Muslim radical beheaded a coworker. I've had to research international news sources--many of which are quite rightly covering the story in depth, by the way--to read the report and find a photo of poor Mrs. Hufford.

American MSM is avoiding this major news story like the Ebola plague because it has all the elements of your worst left-wing nightmare. A Muslim convert, on record as having tried to convert fellow employees to Islam, is fired from his job. In a rage, he attacks an innocent coworker and beheads her, shouting Arabic phrases as he does so. But, as Mark Steyn so acerbically notes, this has "nothing to do with Islam." Of course not.

To make matters worse for our homegrown leftie journalists, a company executive who is also a reserve peace officer shot the killer while he was stabbing his second victim. The shooter saved the other victim's life. If not for Mark Vaughan carrying a weapon, there would have been at least two beheadings, possibly many more. Too much news coverage of that inconvenient truth represents quite a potential setback for the gun control agenda.

On to the killer's Facebook page, since removed, which was jam-packed with all the usual "death to the infidel" jihad garbage we in America have unfortunately become quite accustomed to hearing and seeing. His Muslim name, Jah'Keem Yisrael, was on there, along with photos of him in Muslim garb. But all this, again, has nothing to do with Islam. Of course not.

The grand finale, which I have found nowhere in mainstream news, is the story about the second Islamic beheading threat at another workplace in Oklahoma. Our liberal media can't bury that one fast enough. Another Muslim, threatening to behead someone? Nothing to do with Islam. Of course not.

There is only so much baloney that the American citizenry can swallow before spewing it back. People in the USA are waking up, and the politically correct crowd, including the media and the government, would be wise to keep in step. Islamic "lone wolves" might begin to see serious resistance from everyday people. Especially in heartland states like Oklahoma.

Does anyone, even the Islamic jihadists, really think that millions of everyday, hardworking Americans are going to surrender our country to the slavery of radical Islam? Of course not.