Friday, October 03, 2014

Plagued by Mistrust

Ebola has come to the USA. I've been waiting for it with a grim certainty that it would indeed arrive in our homeland.

How could it not get here? Despite multiple worldwide threats, both of our borders are wide open to God only knows who or what. US air travel to countries suffering mass outbreaks of the disease has not been limited, although Great Britain has awakened from oblivion and stopped flights in and out of West Africa. We continue to transport affected Americans back into our country. So naturally, the Ebola virus is doing what viruses do best--it's spreading.

I worry about Ebola, not so much for myself but for my son. He is a first responder who lives and works in close proximity to the southern US border. The CDC assures us that things are under control. Based on the track record of governmental agencies in recent years, I don't believe them. Do you?

Does the IRS operate with integrity? Does the Secret Service provide effective protection? Is the Veterans Administration well run? Is ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State the "jayvee team"? Are the borders secure?

Do I need to ask any more questions? Be careful out there, fellow Americans. Ebola is here, and we are on our own.