Thursday, October 23, 2014

Steyn on Fire

Canadian native Mark Steyn is on a promotional book tour this week, but events in his home country have prompted a different conversation. His various interviews on the Islamic terrorist attacks in Canada are embedded in links throughout his online article, "An Attack on the Heart of the Canadian State."

I absolutely love listening to Mark Steyn when he is fired up about Islamo-fascist murderers, because he makes more sense than all officials in the USA's entire federal government combined. It's too bad that as a native born Canadian, he can't run for president; he'd certainly have my vote.

I've read two of Steyn's previous books, America Alone and After America. He is an eloquent, humorous, caustic, and very direct writer. After listening to him define the nature our enemy so precisely and call out our government for avoiding the harsh reality of the war we are in, I'm planning to add The [Un]documented Mark Steyn to my must-read list.