Saturday, October 04, 2014

The Sound of Freedom

The Miramar Air Show is this weekend, and the Blue Angels rocked it as they usually do.

The air show is always quite a happening in San Diego. Last year the show was canceled due to the government shutdown. Of course, there was nothing else that could possibly have been cut, right? As with the closure of our National Parks, the president made certain that the shutdown was as painful, inconvenient, and highly visible as possible. But, I digress...

...When my children were youngsters, Pete would put a blanket on the roof and let the kids watch this annual aviation spectacle from the housetop. Today he might be arrested for child endangerment if he did that, but the 1980s were a simpler time. Again, I've derailed off topic.

It's great to see this cherished annual event, the Miramar Air Show featuring the Blue Angels, return to our city. In light of somber current events, it's reassuring to see a well-deserved spotlight on our military again. Thanks for standing in the gap for us. Be safe.