Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The People Speak

Well, so much for a permanent Democrat majority. Yesterday's mid-term election put an effective end to that speculative nonsense.

The USA is a 50/50 country. Voters of both conservative and liberal persuasions are mostly everyday, hard-working people who want a safe country, economic stability, and the liberty to go about their business without tripping over another government regulation every few steps. When the "ruling" party decides on their own that they have an unassailable mandate, they reach too far and end up getting slapped down by the electorate.

Good. That's the way the Founders intended the republic to operate. In fact, it would come as quite a shock to our self-appointed Caesar, President Obama, but the focal point of our governing process is meant to be Congress, not the White House. Congress is closest to the people, created to represent them directly. The Founders even divided Congress into two houses, so concerned were they about the potential for tyrannical tendencies to arise among its members.

Congressional seats, Senate seats, and state governorships all flipped into the Republican column last night before most astonished media commentators could quite figure out what to say. Some MSM-ers looked like they wanted to cry (Tom Brokaw, anyone?).

But here's a clue, if the cheerleading Obama media can handle it. And our oblivious president should take a hint, too, if he's capable of it. The people of the United States of America are done with the BS. We are not stupid. We don't care about a candidate's race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. We care about a candidate's policies, values, and commitment to the country. We've heard enough endless talk without action. Yesterday was our turn to speak. Time will tell how well our government listens.