Thursday, May 26, 2016

History in Shadows

Victor Davis Hanson provides us with a refresher course in World War II history as President Obama visits Hiroshima. The facts regarding the buildup to and aftermath of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor are rarely presented today.

In ending the embargo on Vietnam arms sales, the president vows to end a lingering vestige of the Cold War. New York Post writer Seth Lipskey cleverly wonders when we're going to end the "lingering vestige of the Communist Party."

The United States is not perfect; we've got more than our share of flaws and errors. But we are far from the destructive villain popular myth makes us out to be. Our historical reality has been so distorted by political correctness run rampant and defamed by ignorant elites that love to hate us that we are forgetting--or, more sadly, never being taught--the heroic achievements and enduring promise of our country.

Our unique history has been shrouded in shadows. I wonder if Donald Trump's success thus far can be attributed to the simple fact that he's shining a light on our good points. I suspect it is, for that's something most Americans long for dearly.