Monday, June 27, 2016

Back Off, Big Government

It has been rather an entertaining stretch of hysteria, the media's reaction to "Brexit," Great Britain's assertion of--gasp!--its own sovereignty. I can't imagine what's so shocking about it, but then again I'm one of the troglodytes who actually believe people should have a say in how their country is run.

Photo from GMX
Think about it. Everyday people--not just Americans or Brits, but everyone in all Western "democracies"--are supposed to listen to the self-appointed "elites" in charge of running--or should I say, ruining--our lives, our careers, our economy, and our government. It gets tiring, following all those orders handed down from on high, does it not? "Follow these regulations...use this light this trash this car." Or better yet, pack yourselves onto a bus or a train, while we, your worthy betters, get chauffeured around in SUVs with bullet-proof windows.

Is it so surprising that at least one country has stood up and said "Stuff it!" to the insufferable powers that be?

The most laughable canard that's been peddled ceaselessly is that the "older, less educated" British voters wanted to leave, while the "younger, better educated" demographic wanted to remain. Of course. Just look at those old codgers in the photo, celebrating the results of the Brexit vote. And where, oh where, are all their blue collars?

I think Brexit is just one more symptom of the sickness of our time. Too much government interference by too many bureaucrats in too many corners of people's lives has finally resulted in a gigantic slap-down. Hooray. I hope the reaction is contagious and reaches American shores soon. Brexit could be the start of a very healthy trend.