Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Questions after Orlando

"President Obama, who has spent his presidency yearning for the reality he wants rather than the one he has, once again downplayed any suggestion that this was another battle in the war on Islamic terror he does not want to fight."

Where do you begin to try making sense of the increasingly delusional responses to the radical Islamist terror attack in Orlando? 

Do you start with the media and elites who quickly flip to supposed bigotry against homosexuality?
Do you talk about a possibly gay Islamic man so full of self-loathing that he commits this atrocity?
Do you pivot to presidential elecction polling numbers?
Do you blame it on America, because everything is our fault, after all is said and done? 

Or do you start with reality? Yes, I'd like to start there, thank you. It goes like this: A radicalized Islamist cold-blooded killer slaughters 49 of our fellow Americans and wounds 53 more. It's the most devastating terrorist attack on American soil since the radical Islamist terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center almost fifteen years ago. That's where the conversation should be.

Raw evil. Look at it. It's ugly but simple. Evil. A radical Islamist murderer. Nothing else to be said.

Do you think maybe we could keep our eye on that ball for oh, maybe 24 hours before veering off into completely irrelevant political agendas?

What about the victims?
What about the families?
What about compassion, and giving a damn about people, and leaving your personal opinions out of the carnage for a respectable period of time?

What about recognizing the truth of what is happening before our eyes, around our country and across the world? What about doing something to stop it?

That's it. That's where you begin.