Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ten Random Musings on Current Events

1. Immigration:
If you want to come live here, you need to prove to us that you're worthy of acceptance. We don't need to prove anything to you. This is our country.

2. Islamic Terrorism:
The radical Islamic terrorists want us dead. They will not stop attacking us. If we want to survive, we need to fight back with full power. I don't care if it hurts their feelings.

3. Police:
Do what they tell you to do. Do it immediately after they speak the words. If you do that one simple thing, you probably won't get shot.

4. Guns:
I've never shot a gun. But the Second Amendment protects a right that makes the USA unique. I think every state should have background checks and a waiting period. And do I really have to say, anyone on a terrorist watch list can't be allowed to own a gun.

5. Climate Change:
I agree, the climate is changing. All of the physical world is always changing; change is the only constant in nature. How much of it is our responsibility, I don't know. Neither do the "experts."

6. The Affordable Care Act:
Rather than saving me over $2,000 a year as the president promised, "Obamacare" cost me $2,300 at tax time. It's not affordable. Get rid of it and let the free market figure out health care.

7. Sitting Out the National Anthem:
So, you feel solidarity with "the oppressed." Take a look around the world and see if you could earn $119 million playing a game in any other country. Jackass. Excuse me--I meant, ungrateful jackass.

8. President Obama:
You had a golden opportunity to unite us. I was proud when a half-black man was elected--even if I didn't vote for you. Then I watched you divide black/white, rich/poor, gay/straight, Republican/Democrat. You completely blew your chance. But you're too conceited to know it.

9. Hillary Clinton:
Lies, lies, so many lies you probably don't even know what the truth is anymore. You're a criminal--a felon, actually. You may well become president, but you will be a dismal failure. You already are.

10. Donald Trump:
You could be dangerous; you might be a savior. No one knows how many supporters you have, because many won't admit it--out of either shame or fear. Traditional media hate you with a blind ferocity that prevents them from realizing they're helping you. You may well become president, and there's no telling where that will lead us.