Saturday, January 07, 2017

Hacking and Consequences

I think it's clear that Russia is a guilty player when it comes to Internet hacking. I think that's been true for many years.

Suddenly, because Hillary Clinton lost the presidency, Russian hacking has become a very big deal. It's quite the international incident that Democratic party emails were hacked, what with Russian diplomats being booted out of the country by President Obama. (And, it must be noted, to get President Obama to actually act on anything other than showing up for his tee time is a very big deal, indeed.)

Russia has been messing with us for at least fifty years, and nobody has showed much interest in holding them accountable. But this election, why, Hillary lost! This was the last straw. And what effect did Russian hacking really have on the results of the election? None that anyone can prove, as even the White House has admitted. Electoral votes in decisive states simply followed Trump in droves.

Regardless of Russia's meddling--which is unquestionably bad and unacceptable--some facts of the election season remain unassailably true.
Hacking may have its consequences, but so do elections. Blame Russia if you must, but have some clarity about what just happened in our country. In this election, everyday American voters who are sick of empty promises did not allow themselves to be manipulated by spin or excuses. It's a fact that both the dinosaur media and the Democratic party are having a very difficult time accepting.