Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Headlines That Weren't...

If the mainstream dinosaur media were overwhelmingly conservative instead of almost unanimously liberal, we might have seen continuous news stories underscoring the many blown-off scandals of the Obama years.

Use your imagination and apply today's newsroom hysteria to some of the disasters of the past eight years; you'll be startled at how easily the damning headlines write themselves:
  • "ISIS Rising After Obama Turns Tail and Runs, Pulling All Troops from the Mideast"
  • "IRS Persecutes the Politically Incorrect: An Assault on the First Amendment"
I could go on (for many pages), but you get the idea. Try some of your own headlines, just for fun. There are so many topics to choose from--Benghazi, executive orders, apologies for terrible America, refusal to say "radical Islamic terrorists" are just a few more.

I'm not saying I like what's going on in today's political news. I don't. But the previous president got all kinds of passes from a complicit media when he should have been called out and reported upon honestly. The country deserved better. We deserve better today, too.