Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Story in Shadows

Facts are stubborn things...
~ John Adams

Wait a second. A Pakistani IT staffer for Democrats in Congress has been arrested for embezzlement and fraud while trying to flee the country? And not a word of it on the nightly news broadcasts?

Just imagine if you changed one word--"Democrat" to "Republican"--in that story line. I'll bet you we'd have a brand new 24/7 Russian-style frontier spring up instantly.

Since this story is actually significant, you'll have trouble finding it in today's collusion-obsessed media. But in "Flight and Fancy," I really enjoyed Mark Steyn's thorough and entertaining take on events.

Fox News covered the hard-drive-smashing, Clinton-connected news, which forced NBC to make a half-hearted attempt at coverage, albeit a day later. The media can drag its feet and ignore all it wants to, but people know where to get their news today. And it's not on the alphabet networks or in print dinosaur media. This story will unfold, one way or another. Facts are indeed stubborn things.