Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Unsung Hero

Corporal Ronil Singh with Sam, his K9 partner
Corporal Ronil Singh--the legal immigrant, who followed United States law to earn the right to live here and who served his commuity as a police officer, was shot dead on December 26.

His "alleged" killer was an illegal alien with ties to Mexican gangs who had several drunken driving violations on his record. Yet he had "sanctuary" in California. Yes, I'm ashamed to say that my state protects criminals, even to the disgusting extreme of allowing--and ignoring--the murder of a precious law enforcement officer, husband, and new father.

Not a word is being uttered about this atrocity by the Democrats, who are so dearly fond of citing "the American people" as their highest concern. How terribly inconvenient Cpl. Singh's death is for the left's cherished narrative of welcoming and having compassion for all immigrants, regardless of their legal status. Not so fast, criminally negligent Democrat lawbreakers. Stop to observe what overwhelming evil you have wrought by refusing to enforce the laws you are sworn to uphold.

The murder of Cpl. Singh outlines the difference between legal and illegal immigrants in the starkest shades of darkness and light. Thus the Democrat politicians remain silent, refusing to admit their fatal error. But I cannot ignore it as they do. And for the record, I'll gladly welcome the legal immigrant-dedicated cop into my town any day. As for the illegal alien criminal-murderous gang member, I'd like him very far away--preferably behind a high, thick wall.