Wednesday, February 06, 2019

A Tale of Black and White

The Commonwealth of Virginia is facing a triple hot mess of scandals in its three top elected officials--the governor, the lieutenant governor, and the attorney general. All three men are Democrats. Two of them are facing charges of racism over wearing blackface while in costumes years ago, and one is charged with sexual assault,

Suddenly, "due process" is in vogue. I wonder what Brett Kavanaugh thinks of this newfound Democratic scrupulosity about being careful not to "speculate," especially with regard to Lt. Gov. Fairfax, who is accused of sexual assault. Aren't we supposed to "believe the women" in these cases?

Photo: CNN
Speaking of women, the Democratic congresswomen at the State of the Union speech dressed in white looked like a bleached-out bevy of Handmaid's Tale dropouts and behaved like ill-mannered high school brats. They actually sat sullenly and refused to clap for the president's remarks on soaring job numbers, the booming economy, high employment for minorities, a rejection of socialism, and preserving the life of newborn babies. But they stood and clapped wildly for themselves when President Trump acknowledged the record number of women in Congress. (I almost wrote "serving in Congress," but I stopped myself in time.)

Such behavior suggests that the women in white are about three things, and three things only: Me, Myself, and I. In this way they are similar to the scandal-plagued Moe, Shep, and Larry of Virginia, who are clinging to the tattered remnants of their power. It's all about them, and nothing else matters--least of all the country. To me, that's as obvious as black and white.