Thursday, July 25, 2019

A Game of Numbers

There are more things in heaven and earth...than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Not everyone is into signs and omens, and that's fine. But if you're not, I'd like you to consider some statistics from the baseball game that the Houston Astros played on the night they celebrated the Apollo 11 moon mission.

It was July 22, 2019, a game observing the fiftieth anniversary of Apollo 11. The Astros (their name is a play on the word "astronauts," of course) wore caps emblazoned with the Apollo 11 logo. They were paying homage to Houston, their team's town and home of NASA mission control, in honor of the historic moon landing.

The setup is important; thanks for bearing with me.

On to the game stats:
  • Houston won 11-1
  • The 11th run scored during an interview with Rick Armstrong, son of Neil "first man on the moon" Armstrong
  • There were 11 men at bat during that inning
  • It was the 11th win for Houston pitcher Gerrit Cole
  • Cole struck out 11 batters
  • Yordan Alvarez hit his 11th home run
If the recurring numbers in the statistics are all coincidences, then the moon is made of green cheese. Probably 11 gazillion pounds of it.