Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Mad Days of Summer

I've noticed a theme in the news this summer; have you? It seems everyone's angry.

A lot of people--most of whom have a lot to be happy about, if they only would stop to think about it--are wasting a great deal of time and energy in this supposedly carefree season being absolutely furious. Joe "Come on, man" Biden is angry at Kamala Harris over the debate smack-down. The foul-mouthed, spoiled brat soccer star Megan Rapinoe is angry at President Trump for daring to invite the team to the White House. Rep. Ilhan Omar is angry at Tucker Carlson of Fox News, and Carlson is angry right back at her. The ever-entertaining Alexandria "AOC" Ocasio-Cortez is angry at Nancy Pelosi, who in turn is fed up with AOC's nonsense. It's all very tiring.

Of course, the word "racist" comes up in just about every story. Didn't the media/politicians/elites/celebrities get the memo yet? Americans are over and done with this played-out old platitude. Most of us aren't racists. We know it, we know the media knows it, and we're sick of it being trotted out with almost every headline.

It's July, for corn's sake. Summer's finally here. Take a swim in the pool. Go to the beach. Ride your bike. Do some yardwork. Sit out on your patio. Visit with friends. Have a barbecue. Eat some peaches. And by all means, turn off the news.

A special note to disgruntled politicians, outraged reporters, and offended sports stars--you should take some time to count your money. Who knows? That might cheer you up. And please, all you steaming summer malcontents, try to simmer down. If you don't, it's going to be a long, weary haul until Labor Day.