Monday, September 02, 2019

The End of Summer

It doesn't really matter what the calendar says or what the weather does; Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer. I've seen a lot of summers in my life, and their conclusions all share certain commonalities.

 Below are a few I always notice:
  1. The days seem to grow shorter in the fall more quickly that they grow longer in the spring.
  2. Parents are delighted at the prospect of having the kids back in school all day.
  3. Children never agree that they've had enough vacation and it's time to go back to school.
  4. Every family seems to be shopping for school supplies on the same day.
  5. Back-to-school traffic jams, with swarms of kids darting into the road from all sides, are always heart-stopping.
  6. It will be a week or so before pencils and notebooks are available on store shelves again.
  7. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas plans suddenly become topics of conversation.
  8. September is a terrific time to find extra space for your blanket at the beach.
  9. There may still be a heat wave or two, but people say it's "the fall."
  10. Everyone expresses disbelief that "this year is going by so fast."
Even in sunny Southern California, the seasons wax and wane. Bidding farewell to summer is always one of the year's most wistful moments.