Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Trump's Secret Weapon

President Trump was in San Diego today. There was a lot of coverage of the president's visit in local media.

One radio commentator I listen to on my evening commute had attended the president's fundraising luncheon at the U.S. Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego. Having just been in Los Angeles, one of the stories President Trump told the luncheon guests was about the Beverly Hills voters who today all profess to despise Donald Trump. Yet Trump won a healthy chunk of Beverly Hills in the 2016 election. When Beverly Hills residents are asked how they voted in 2016, their answer usually is "none of your business."

"I got 100% of the 'none of your business' vote," joked the president. It's true, and it didn't happen only in tony Los Angeles suburbs. I know many people who will never say publicly how they voted, but I'm fairly certain they voted for President Trump. Secrecy is the hallmark of the Trump voter; that's what makes the 2020 election such a wildcard. There is simply no scientific way to project how people are going to vote.

As election season draws near, pollsters need to beware. If voters tell you that they're "thinking about it," or they "haven't decided yet," or worst of all--that "it's none of your business"--they're probably in Trump's column. That's what happened in 2016, and I suspect it will happen again.

Just why is the president coming to California? With statewide politics being the hot mess that they are today, I'm will to wager that even this bluest of blue states is in play.

Photo: San Diego Union Tribune