Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Royal Pains
I'm so saturated with political coverage that I need a complete and mindless change of pace. The key word in that intro is "mindless," so let's talk about Meghan Markle, the poor misunderstood royal.

Such a bother it is, being a rich, pampered, spoiled member of the royal family. People always fussing about you, and your slightest wish is their command. How's a person to function, being waited on hand and foot, night and day? Evidently, it's very wearing for the tender duchess.

I mean, think about it. Poor Meghan just had a baby a few months ago. Does anyone on earth understand how difficult that is? She certainly doesn't seem to think so. There she was, standing in Africa--Africa!--lamenting how hard her life is. Africa, where slavery is still rampant, AIDS is an ongoing epidemic, infant mortality is highest in the world, and women are mutilated--that probably wasn't the ideal setting to announce on television that postpartum blues mixed with media attention has really been a dreadful challenge. After all, "not many people have asked" if she's okay. (Well, don't look now, duchess, but you're not in Hollywood anymore.)

It's all been so stressful that soon she and her angst-ridden prince will be taking "a respite" in the United States. How fortunate for America, that we'll be blessed for a few weeks with these delicate, easily bruised souls. As my mother might say, "I can hardly wait."