Thursday, January 02, 2020

New Year, Old News

We are two days into our brand new year, traditionally considered a time for fresh starts and clean slates. Were you perhaps hoping for a more honest and forthright news media? Sadly, I think we can expect only more of the same agenda "journalism" we suffered through last year.

Take the presidential campaign--please. I find it interesting that fundraising numbers for Democratic presidential candidates are being widely touted in print and television media. During the final quarter of 2019, Pete Buttigieg raised $24.7 million; Bernie Sanders raised $35 million in the same time period. "Quid Pro Joe" Biden raised $22.7 million.

These are undoubtedly impressive numbers. They are well worth publicizing. Curiously, though, there has been hardly a whisper on the airwaves of the $46 million raised in the fourth quarter by none other than President Donald Trump. Another fun fact: the president already has $100 million in the bank for his campaign. While all this reality is begrudgingly acknowledged in print, it's hard to find a television news anchor willing to state those facts and to do so without choking.

In spite of relentless hatred and sustained opposition, the list of Trump's accomplishments since his election to the presidency is long and comprehensive. Yes, his tweets are annoying, but most Americans who are reaping the economic benefits of the past three years are willing to tune them out and focus on his achievements. Trump is results-oriented, and he is delivering. Despite the naysayers who predicted economic Armageddon with Trump as president, the national economy is roaring, the stock market is soaring, jobs are plentiful, taxes are lower, government regulations are fewer. Barring an unforeseen catastrophe, I agree with Victor Davis Hanson that the president will be reelected.

Of course, outside events can change any scenario quickly; but I, for one, am not looking for trouble during the brightest moment this country has enjoyed in half a century.