Sunday, October 31, 2004

Tapes From The Edge

America now has two more insanity tapes to deal with. One is a warning of "blood in the streets" and the other is a lecture from our infamous bad-penny enemy, Osama bin Laden. Is it Osama, or Usama? Either way, he spells bad news.

These two timely messages from psychotic killers serve as a handy reminder of what we are up against. It's fair to say, judging by what we hear on these tapes, that the Islamic fanatics are insane. You can't have all your marbles and threaten further, much more severe death and destruction to your enemy's homeland, and expect said enemy to pick up their battle balls and go home. This is not logical thinking by any definition. It highlights the chilling psychosis with which we are dealing in the War on Terror.

These butchers can't be reasoned with. They can't be appeased, or mollified, or negotiated into neutrality. They can't be bought, they can't be convinced. They have one purpose in life: American deaths. They are dedicated to our destruction.

To win the war and secure our country's safety, we need a ruthless approach to crushing the terrorists and an unflinching leader to compelte the hard task. France doesn't care. Germany will not help. We've got to get it done by ourselves, for ourselves. There's only one presidential candidate with the internal grit to see us through this challenge.

The tapes could serve as a one-two punch in knocking Kerry out of the race completely and reelecting President Bush. On the contrary, they could also underscore the fact that we are still in danger, and tilt some wavering votes towards Kerry. It's hard to know what the Islamo-maniacs are hoping to achieve by interjecting their messages just prior to Election Day.

Undecided voters, if indeed there are any of you left, think carefully about these tapes from the edge of insanity. The enemy is watching, and he would very much like to see us afraid. Let's send a message of our own back to the psychopaths: This is our country, our election, our choice. Don't mess with us. We're keeping George W. Bush in the White House, and your mind-bending tapes be damned.

It's time to send the terrorists back to their caves to work on a rewrite for their next script. Will they live to complete their next tape? Not if our troops have anything to say about it. Stay tuned...

Thursday, October 28, 2004

A Commanding Flop

OK. Let me see if I’ve got this straight.

First, ABC News says that approximately 380 tons of explosives were stolen right out from under the noses of the 3rd Infantry Battalion and the 101st Airborne in the opening weeks of the Iraq war. Never mind that the accuracy of this report is in question, that there may have been only 3 tons, and forget about the Russian trucks linked to the site. After all, ABC is Mainstream Media, not interested in pressing for facts when there’s a political agenda to push to the left.

Next, John Kerry pounces upon this story as a weapon to bludgeon the President and leaps smartly into the ring, armed with the missing munitions story. Kerry expounds with great gusto on the failure of the troops and commanders to secure the ammunition stores.

With his consistently off-key political pitch, Kerry is willing to bet that this bombshell of a story will knock Bush to the ground. He fails to consider that perhaps by trashing our troops, he might offend, oh, a few hundred thousand of them. Neither is he concerned that such criticism just might irritate their wives, husbands, children, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and neighbors, not to mention every United States veteran in the country.

In fact, anyone who gets to vote next Tuesday might take issue with negative remarks about our outstanding military during this time of war, especially from one salivating to become Commander-in-Chief.

Does Kerry actually think that badmouthing the military is going to help him win the Presidency? I thought this guy was supposed to be the smart one! The military, for the most part, positively loathes the man. (In his letters to me, my soldier in Iraq never refers to Kerry as anything but “the Liar.”)

To advance his personal ambitions, Kerry is willing to slander the efficiency of our soldiers and the competency of their officers. He’s willing to give aid and comfort to the enemy by attacking Americans in harm’s way. He did this once before, in 1971, and he did it with impunity. He went on to build a career in the Senate, as lackluster as it was, based on those treacherous lies.

I don’t think Kerry’s going to get away with sticking it to the military this time around. Not when so much is at stake for all of us, and when so many of us know how critical the role of our troops is in keeping us safe. Can you even imagine a Commander-in-Chief Kerry? After he denigrates our military to the world? (oh, excuse me, “the globe”).

I don’t believe Americans are going to stand for his disrespectful nonsense with regard to our troops. Kerry doesn’t really want a U.S. military. He just wants the title of Commander-in-Chief. Our troops know that. I’m betting the voters do, too.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I just finished watching a movie, "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal." A Navy veteran friend of mine loaned me his copy. Although riveting, it's a tough 42 minutes.

I feel sick to my stomach at the unfathomable suffering the POWs endured in Vietnam, as described by the surviving veterans interviewed. I'm awed by their strength and proud of their dignity. That men could suffer so deeply, so unjustly, and yet go on to live good and noble lives, is truly inspiring.

On the other hand, I'm completely disgusted at the very thought of John Kerry. His disgraceful betrayal of his comrades is beyond comprehension, even taking his personal ambitions into account. His lack of remorse is even more unbelievable, considering that his 1971 play for political exposure through his Congressional testimony added years to the imprisonment of the POWs.

How can this poor excuse of a man have come so far on such utterly self-serving, dishonest, despicable methods? To what low standards has our country sunk, that such a wretch as Kerry can actually be a contender for the highest office in the land?

This is the same John Kerry who berates President Bush for being unable to admit a mistake. You want to talk about mistakes, Senator? Why don't you go first? And please, start in 1971 at the Winter Soldier hearings. Keep right on going, for 33 years, until you get to your wrong answer to the infamous $87 billion support for the troops question.

I can certainly understand why the Kerry campaign has fought so hard to keep "Stolen Honor" off the public airwaves. If every voter could see it before Election Day, the margin of victory for President Bush would be staggering.

Kerry claims that President Bush is an unfit Commander-in-Chief. Not only is Kerry unfit to be CiC, he's unfit to be a veteran.

After watching "Stolen Honor," I think Kerry's unfit even to be a U.S. citizen. In fact, he may not be fit for anyplace, to use his own words, "on the globe or elsewhere."

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Making an End

We're about ten days away from the election, and I think I speak for most of us when I say that I can't wait for it to be over.

In the movie "The Agony and The Ecstasy", Michelangelo is taking such a long time to complete the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel that the Pope whines, "When will you make an end?" Good question for election season. This particular campaign cycle does seem as though it's dragged on for years.

I've been following the polling data , and I think President Bush will win reelection. That, in itself, is not enough this year. The Democrats will most certainly challenge any type of close result. Therefore, I hope it's a blowout, a landslide victory for President Bush, simply because the thought of another "recount" trauma is too exhausting to contemplate. "If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat" by Hugh Hewitt is required reading for any voter still on the fence.

We, as a nation, don't have time to fiddle around with recounts of any type. We need to stay focused on our mission, which is to win the global War on Terror as quickly and as decisively as possible. The country is at war. Our troops are in harm's way. Let's get the Commander-in-Chief reinstated for another four years and see that the job is done.

Let's do it, America. Let's make an end.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Real Job

I had to chuckle at Teresa Heinz-Kerry's faux pas (excuse the French) over Laura Bush never having had a "real job." Spoken like a true blueblood with no clue about real life. The ensuing media furor and resulting apology from Heinz-Kerry was even more amusing. Oh yes, the library and the classroom do count as jobs, Laura, so sorry. But raising two daughters? Not even worth mentioning. Of course, it's an understandable oversight on Kerry's part. I've heard that the rich folks have people to do that sort of thing for them.

In making her denigrating remarks, it could be that Heinz-Kerry was simply letting the catty side of her female self take charge of the moment. I noticed that John Kerry made a point of formally acknowledging his admiration for Laura Bush and complimenting the President on his wife in both the second and third debates. President Bush, to his own self true, did not return the compliment. In the final debate, Bush talked about meeting Laura and falling in "love at first sight." In his turn, John Kerry talked about having "married up" before moving on to a story about his mother. That's enough to throw any gal into a hissy fit.

Laura Bush was characteristically gracious in stating that no apology from Teresa Heinz-Kerry was necessary. This campaign may come down to which woman the voters wish to see as First Lady for four years. Which, by the way, certainly qualifies as a separate career in itself. Do we want poise, genuine charm, graceful class, and quiet intelligence? Or do we want irritability, blunt criticism, inappropriate language, and angry impatience? Hmm....let me think about this for a minute.

The facts of the matter are, Laura Bush has had several challenging jobs in her life. She has been a teacher and a librarian. She is a wife and a mother. Her impassioned advocacy for national literacy has made her one of the most admirable First Ladies the United States has ever been fortunate enough to have.

I vote for letting Laura Bush keep her job for another four years. How many of you ladies--especially you hard-working, full time moms--are with me?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Making Sense

Readers who have visited my site before may remember that I have a young adult son. I recently reported that he was an undecided voter. I'm pleased to update that news. Last week, my son told me that he is going to vote for President Bush.

He still has some reservations about GW, but that's okay by me. If we can just get the president into a second term, we can try to work out all the bugs. You may wonder, what was the deciding factor in my son's decision? Quite logically, it was the War on Terror. I don't think he's the Lone Ranger in using that overriding issue as a discriminator. It will be interesting to see on Election Day just how many voters' decisions have turned on the shadows of 9/11.

An examination of John Kerry's 20-year Senate record speaks for itself, and it screams pacificism, retreat, and subjugation of our sovereignty to foreign powers. Now is not the time in United States history for that approach, if indeed such a time ever existed. After much consideration of the facts before him, my son came to the conclusion that President Bush simply makes more sense as the best leader to preserve our safety and our national security in the next four years.

What can I say about his decision? One thing's for sure: his momma didn't raise any fools.

Monday, October 18, 2004

An Easy Choice

After the ethical squalor that was the Clinton years, we have a president who truly believes in God, himself, family, the military and the nation.

Why vote for George W. Bush? Because he has faith, values, and principles, and he’s not afraid to fight for all of them. He’s not overly concerned with those who don’t agree with him, and he sticks to facts when trying to change minds. He expects difficult days in the War on Terror and stoically accepts the media flak they generate. He keeps the interests of our troops front and center, where they belong. He is a true leader for our times.

What’s wrong with Kerry? He is lacking in faith, values, and principles, and he’s afraid to fight for any of them. He’s overly concerned with those who don’t agree with him, and he’s not above fabricating facts to force a change of mind. He decries difficult days in the War on Terror and verbosely exploits the media flak they generate. He keeps the interests of our troops in his back pocket, far underneath his criticisms of the war. He is a menace to our national security.

The global war on terror will not be won with polls and popularity. Our victory lies in strength, and strength lies within President Bush. I’m voting to win the war, not waver on it.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Below the Barrel

John Kerry’s insulting and inappropriate mention of Vice President Cheney’s daughter Mary in his debate response on gay marriage is the most repulsive example of gutter politics I have ever had the misfortune to witness. It was a stark revelation of his true lack of character, and it will cost him more dearly than he realizes.

The fact that John Edwards had the temerity to first introduce the topic in the vice presidential debate was indisputable evidence of a campaign both tasteless and ethically challenged. Mary Beth Cahill’s nonchalant arrogance in stating her “fair game” justification compounds Kerry’s offense exponentially. The accusatory nastiness of Elizabeth Edwards in trying to project “shame” onto the Cheney family merely ties up the whole sordid package in a very seamy ribbon. It confirms what many people already knew, “in their guts,” as Kerry likes to say.

These people, John Kerry, John Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, have no shame. They have no shame because they have no sense of decency. The two qualities are inextricably linked--where there is no shame, there is no decency. Not only do these people have no comprehension of decency, they have no regard for fair play, no honor for individuals or their families, no respect for privacy, and no understanding of values, ethics, principles, or even common courtesy. They care only for their own interests. They can never be wrong on any issue, because all things exist to serve their ends. They have lots of cash, but zero class. They are below-the-bottom feeders in a noxious barrel of political bile called Campaign Kerry-Edwards 2004.

The Democrats will pay a huge price at the polls for their self-serving abuse of Ms. Cheney and for their premeditated public exploitation of a private, personal matter. Most Americans understand and respect personal boundaries, especially when family members are involved. When the attacked person is a child, every parent in the nation feels a primal surge of protectiveness. The outraged empathy for the Cheneys will continue to burn in the hearts of parent voters, and Kerry votes will evaporate in its heat.

Shakespeare tells us that “truth will out.” None of us can hide the essence of who we are indefinitely. At some point, true colors shine through. The darkly jaundiced shades of Kerry were on full display when he went after the Vice President’s daughter for the selfish purpose of advancing his own agenda. And the fact that Kerry remains convinced he was completely justified in doing so puts the exclamation point at the end of this debate.

Mrs. Cheney said it best. “This is not a good man.” I have no doubt that many more voters agree with her now than before Wednesday night.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

A Broken Record

For all his protestations that he has “a better way,” and let’s not forget the secret “plan,” John Kerry would not have much luck with any voters if they only took the time to research his Senate voting record.

For an eye-opening account of Kerry’s votes over the years, I’ve linked Robert J. Caldwell’s article from the San Diego Union Tribune last Sunday. Beginning with his first Senate vote, to slash President Reagan’s defense budget, Kerry has been on a mission to dismantle the defense resources of the United States. Based on what we have learned in recent months from observing Kerry’s neck-snapping reversals of position, it’s safe to say that the one area in which he has been consistent is his opposition to military spending.

This is quite an unsettling record for a would-be wartime President to have. In fact, in my view, his record makes the Senator unelectable in the midst of the War on Terror.

Kerry’s record is much easier to follow than his flip-flops. How many people noticed, during the second debate, that Kerry described Iraq as “a threat” in one answer, but “not a threat” a few questions later? That’s a difficult message to decipher. Just where does the good Senator stand on the Iraq issue? I suppose he has yet another "plan" to let us know which it might be, threat or no threat, after Election Day.

But Kerry’s votes against funding the Tomahawk cruise missile, a Navy aircraft carrier, Air Force fighter planes, and unmanned aerial surveillance vehicles speak very clearly. There is no confusion hidden in his record; it is plain for anyone who wishes to see the truth. What Kerry’s record tells me is that he will not be committed to protecting the citizens of the United States from the radical Islamists who want us all dead. I can only conclude that I’m not safe with him as President and neither is my family.

I think untold numbers of Americans feel exactly as I do. Our numbers are far greater than any of the Old Media polls suggest. On November 2, I’m betting that John Kerry’s record will come home to roost.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Hitting Home

My sister’s town is one of those found on that CD from a dead terrorist, the disk that showed the floor plans of schools. The school had a meeting Friday night for the parents. The County Attorney and the head of their area’s Counter-Terrorism Force, a retired FBI agent, addressed the parents.

My sister said that she has noticed police presence there since school started—patrol cars in line with parents dropping off kids, police on the grounds, other patrol cars circling the surrounding streets. Two weeks ago, my brother-in-law was sitting in his car one night after dropping off my niece for an SAT prep class. He was going to wait out the hour by walking their dog around the school grounds, which include a large field. A cop materialized out of nowhere, banged on his window, and told him to get moving—even after he had identified himself as a town resident and parent of a student.

All of this extra security made sense after the news broke on Thursday about the disk. At Friday night’s meeting, several parents were upset over not knowing the facts for the past month. The County Attorney said that the info was classified and could not be disclosed. The Counter-Terrorism speaker calmed the crowd by saying, “Look, I’m a parent, I’m a grandparent. I understand your concerns.” And he proceeded to point out all the measures being taken to protect the kids.

At the end of the meeting, one parent asked, “Do we know everything now?” The answer was, “No. You don’t know everything. You only know what has been declassified. That’s all we can tell you at this point.” And again, the protection of the kids was emphasized.

I asked my sister how she feels about sending her kids to school. “No place is safe,” she answered immediately. Her theory is that, because there is construction going on at the school, it creates a good cover for unidentified persons trying to enter the premises. The Beslan school had been remodeled over the summer, and at some point the weapons were stashed under the flooring.

She also thinks that a coordinated attack similar to the 9/11 strike was being planned, considering that the schools named on the disk cover far-flung regions of the USA: Northwest, South, Northeast. I think she’s right. Perhaps Beslan was a dry run for the grand attack on the US.

My sister lives in NJ, close to downtown Manhattan. Her community was among the hardest hit on 9/11. Dozens of her friends and neighbors perished in the attack. Her town “gets” the War on Terror like few others. I asked her, “Who are people voting for back there?” “Oh, are you kidding?” she exclaimed. “BUSH! We’re all voting for Bush!”

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Allied With Reality

Watching the second Presidential debate last night, my husband and I were incredulous at how many times John Kerry talked about America's need for "allies" and "alliances."

The friendship and sacrifices of countries like Great Britain, Australia, and Poland, as well as the 27 other nations fighting with the United States, are summarily dismissed by this pompous jackass. Because France and Germany aren't involved in the effort, all of our many other allies are airily swept off the table by this condescending puffball who assures us that he "can do better."

We are not "going it alone," as Kerry is so fond of lamenting. We are fighting, side-by-side, with our allies. Allies are not the former friends of 60 years ago, i.e. France. In fact, France has made it clear that, regardless of who wins on Nov. 2, they won't be joining us in Iraq. So what is Kerry carping about? He insists that we build a "real" alliance. With whom? Kerry can't say, because every ally willing to fight with us is already by our side.

Kerry must have learned this psychotic approach to diplomacy on one of his "elsewhere" planets. Ignoring and belittling actively participating allies is certainly no way to schmooze your way to "winning the peace." We are by no means "going it alone." Check your dictionary, John. We are fighting alongside our allies, defined as those countries that stand with us.

The more I hear him speak, the more convinced I become that John Kerry is living in a September 10 world. This is a frightening trait in a would-be president. Regardless of how unpleasant reality is, we must learn to live and deal in it. The world of September 10 has vanished into history.

John Kerry just doesn't seem to comprehend this crucial truth. George Bush certainly gets it. In fact, former administrator L. Paul Bremer III has felt compelled to correct the media distortions of his comments about the War in Iraq. Bremer states, "I have been involved in the war on terrorism for two decades, and in my view no world leader has better understood the stakes in this global war than President Bush."

That about says it all. If we keep the world's post-9/11 realities in mind as we choose our next president, we all just might live long enough to take advantage of our Medicare prescription drug benefits.

Kerry vs. Bush is tantamount to Fantasy vs. Reality. Vote accordingly; our allies will appreciate your support.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

On Our Own Soil

My son is an undecided voter. Each Sunday after the family dinner, we sit at the kitchen table and debate the Presidential candidates and the Iraq War in hammer-and-tong style.

I vividly remember my feelings about the Vietnam War when I was a youngster, so I can empathize, perhaps more than he realizes. He can’t understand why we didn’t finish in Afghanistan before invading Iraq, and he dislikes the Halliburton connection

Halliburton is an oil industry corporation. It employs about 100,000 people worldwide. I’m no expert in high finance, but you don’t need to be one to understand that Vice President Dick Cheney would be a much wealthier man today if he had remained head of that company. He chose, instead, to serve his country as Vice President when asked. Halliburton has American employees in Iraq, working to rebuild the country. Some of those employees have died in the war efforts, just as employees from my own defense contracting company have died there.

The Halliburton connection may have bothered me at age 21, but it certainly doesn’t in the current era of attacks upon America.

I tell my son that Iraq was one of the largest heads of the terrorist hydra rearing up at us, and we argue that one for awhile. Saddam Hussein’s terrorist training camps, his payouts to families of suicide bombers, his past history with invasion of his neighbors and use of WMDs help support my points. But to me, the WMDs were always beside the point. Under the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive strikes, Saddam simply had to go. He was too dangerous to citizens of the United States to be left to his own evil devices any longer.

There is a manager at my company who is a former member of the CIA. When the war first started, in March 2003, I asked him if he thought we were doing the right thing. He is calm, polite, soft-spoken, and very reserved, this extremely smart and accomplished gentleman. He is completely silent about his prior career, as quite rightly he must be. But when I asked him that question, he looked straight at me and said, “Knowing what I know about Saddam Hussein, I would have put up my own retirement fund to take him out fifteen years ago.” That was all he said, and it was all I needed to hear.

When I listen to John Kerry talk about alliances and a “plan” to end the war, I shiver with dread. The radical Islamist terrorists who seek our deaths are brutal, cold-blooded, animalistic killers who have already murdered thousands of innocent Americans on our own soil. By what manner of self-deluded conceit does Kerry think that these monsters may be reasoned with? They must be killed, as poisonous snakes who threaten must be killed. George W. Bush “gets” this basic truth. John Kerry continues in his dangerously psychotic dream of diplomacy. And if we Americans want to live, we can’t afford the luxury of indulging Kerry's personal fantasy.

When I ask my son if he would like to be alive in five years, he scoffs at my question as “American scare tactics.” But I'm not trying to scare him; I'm trying to bring him to an understanding of the peril all Americans live in today.

Today as I drove home from work, I listened to Hugh Hewitt, as always. I heard that there were new security alerts at schools. I listened to the report of suspected Islamic terrorists downloading floor plans of certain schools in six states. As the states and cities were announced, I heard the name of my sister’s town. A cold knife of fear sliced deep within me, and I gasped a prayer for the safety of my two young nieces.

I’ll be sure to tell my undecided voter son of that news report, as I can't rely on Old Media to get the message to him. Is this story a scare tactic? Or is this a real-life menace? Today, the reported threat involves his cousins. Next time, it could be him, his sister, or his parents. The terrorists are at large, and they want Americans dead. When John Kerry speaks of his will to “respond” to “any attack,” I have to wonder where on “the globe, or elsewhere,” was this man on September 11, 2001? How many catastrophic attacks would America have to suffer on our own soil before Kerry, as president, would “respond”?

Do you want to be alive in five years? President Bush wants you to be. Vote to live.

Monday, October 04, 2004

A World of Hurt

OK, I knew the “global test” remark was going to drop John Kerry into some hot water. But I had no idea that it would be at such a rolling boil so quickly.

Kerry is backpedaling to clarify his outlandish statement, and he’s getting his bell bottoms caught in the wheel. As noted by Hugh Hewitt , Kerry now says, "But I can do a better job of protecting America's security because the test that I was talking about was a test of legitimacy, not just in the globe, but elsewhere."

Scotty, beam me up.

This “elsewhere” quote is eerily reminiscent of a Gray Davis gaffe in 2003. As Davis struggled unsuccessfully to save his governorship, in one painful speech he noted that people from “many other planets” lived here in California. When Election Day arrived, Davis was set free by the people of California to explore those other planets in his newfound leisure time.

And so it will be with Klingon Kerry

There isn’t time before Election Day to mine the wealth of nutty gold nuggets to be found in Kerry’s debate. People, including President Bush, are tending to stop short at the “global test” line, which is fair enough. There's enough horsepower in that one "Oops!" to blow him away. But there were so many other outer space whoppers in Kerry’s performance, it’s almost a shame to ignore them.

Like shutting down the bunker buster bomb program, while offering nuclear aid to Iran. Now, there’s an idea that could probably cause trouble elsewhere than the globe! And what are the chances of Kerry building a “true coalition,” as he insults and dismisses the good friends who are standing with us? His message seems to be, hey, if you're not France and you're fighting with us, then you're stupid.

What did you think of his idea of ending the war with a summit meeting? Why, that’s brilliant! Why hasn’t Condi or Colin thought of that yet? How would you like to be the event planner for the “Ending the War on Terror Cocktail Reception”? Masks are optional, please check your machetes at the door, self parking only for suicide bombers.

As for Osama bin Laden being our prime target, how does Kerry know that ObL is even alive at this point? What about the millions of other killers intent on seeing Americans dead—including Saddam Hussein?

There are so many directions you can travel to explore the strange new worlds of John Kerry. Unfortunately, we have to live in this world right now, so we need solutions that work here on the Third Rock From the Sun. I suppose John Kerry understands the War on Terror about as well as the next extra terrestrial alien being. In his wildly inaccurate imagination of his ability to communicate with an enemy who will not listen, he’s able to go where no man has gone before. In his hubris, he's able to convince himself that the terrorists will listen to him, and to him only.

After Election Day, I’m hoping Kerry will have as much leisure time as Gray Davis does to travel the globe. Or, maybe even go elsewhere.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Style vs. Substance

Millions of people watched the first Presidential debate last night. I was one of them. At the end of the ninety minutes, I thought John Kerry had looked better, sounded better, and maintained his composure better.

I also think that he lost the debate.

Of course, Old Media is practically swooning over Kerry's "win." As they keep telling us ad nauseum, he came across confident, forceful, well-prepared. He was positively presidential. But were any of these liberal groupies listening to what he was saying?

Kerry does not have the stomach, the principles, or the backbone, to lead a war. No matter how necessary to our defense or security, I can not visualize this man ever sending troops into battle, under any circumstances. And that makes me frightened for our future under a Kerry presidency.

Did anyone hear Kerry mention his 20-year Senate record? Of course not. Throughout his tenure, he has consistently voted against military spending or defense appropriations, right up to and including the $87 billion supplemental bill to support the troops in Iraq that he approved before he rejected. That bill provided for the body armor he now laments the troops not having.

His hypocrisy makes my head hurt.

Of all the preposterous and dangerous words Kerry uttered last night, none were so telling, so bone-chilling as his assertion that a "global test" of support for any action that the United States might take to defend itself is necessary.

Excuse me? I don't think so. Go try to sell "global test" in American towns in the flyover states. And good luck to you, Prince Orator.

President Bush held his own. He looked tired, as a man who had spent the day visiting Florida's hurricane victims, in addition to running the war and the country, would. Unlike dandy Kerry, there was no time in President Bush's day for a salon manicure. He didn't speak as well as Kerry did, but then, John Kerry talks for a living. President Bush acts. And he acts in our country's best interests, not in response to the political winds of the moment.

John Kerry speaks in stentorian, condescending tones. His “plan” to end the Iraq war is to hold a meeting. He excels at describing what he would do, but we don't hear much of what he has actually done. To borrow a pithy phrase from MacBeth, he is "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

George W. Bush speaks from the heart, haltingly at times, but always with honesty and principles. America knows what he believes, where he stands, and how he will stop at nothing to protect us. President Bush understands that we can not be safe at home until the radical Islamist terrorists abroad are destroyed. He’s not afraid to go after them in their homelands, instead of allowing them to attack us again in ours.

And that’s not debatable.