Saturday, October 09, 2004

Allied With Reality

Watching the second Presidential debate last night, my husband and I were incredulous at how many times John Kerry talked about America's need for "allies" and "alliances."

The friendship and sacrifices of countries like Great Britain, Australia, and Poland, as well as the 27 other nations fighting with the United States, are summarily dismissed by this pompous jackass. Because France and Germany aren't involved in the effort, all of our many other allies are airily swept off the table by this condescending puffball who assures us that he "can do better."

We are not "going it alone," as Kerry is so fond of lamenting. We are fighting, side-by-side, with our allies. Allies are not the former friends of 60 years ago, i.e. France. In fact, France has made it clear that, regardless of who wins on Nov. 2, they won't be joining us in Iraq. So what is Kerry carping about? He insists that we build a "real" alliance. With whom? Kerry can't say, because every ally willing to fight with us is already by our side.

Kerry must have learned this psychotic approach to diplomacy on one of his "elsewhere" planets. Ignoring and belittling actively participating allies is certainly no way to schmooze your way to "winning the peace." We are by no means "going it alone." Check your dictionary, John. We are fighting alongside our allies, defined as those countries that stand with us.

The more I hear him speak, the more convinced I become that John Kerry is living in a September 10 world. This is a frightening trait in a would-be president. Regardless of how unpleasant reality is, we must learn to live and deal in it. The world of September 10 has vanished into history.

John Kerry just doesn't seem to comprehend this crucial truth. George Bush certainly gets it. In fact, former administrator L. Paul Bremer III has felt compelled to correct the media distortions of his comments about the War in Iraq. Bremer states, "I have been involved in the war on terrorism for two decades, and in my view no world leader has better understood the stakes in this global war than President Bush."

That about says it all. If we keep the world's post-9/11 realities in mind as we choose our next president, we all just might live long enough to take advantage of our Medicare prescription drug benefits.

Kerry vs. Bush is tantamount to Fantasy vs. Reality. Vote accordingly; our allies will appreciate your support.