Thursday, October 14, 2004

A Broken Record

For all his protestations that he has “a better way,” and let’s not forget the secret “plan,” John Kerry would not have much luck with any voters if they only took the time to research his Senate voting record.

For an eye-opening account of Kerry’s votes over the years, I’ve linked Robert J. Caldwell’s article from the San Diego Union Tribune last Sunday. Beginning with his first Senate vote, to slash President Reagan’s defense budget, Kerry has been on a mission to dismantle the defense resources of the United States. Based on what we have learned in recent months from observing Kerry’s neck-snapping reversals of position, it’s safe to say that the one area in which he has been consistent is his opposition to military spending.

This is quite an unsettling record for a would-be wartime President to have. In fact, in my view, his record makes the Senator unelectable in the midst of the War on Terror.

Kerry’s record is much easier to follow than his flip-flops. How many people noticed, during the second debate, that Kerry described Iraq as “a threat” in one answer, but “not a threat” a few questions later? That’s a difficult message to decipher. Just where does the good Senator stand on the Iraq issue? I suppose he has yet another "plan" to let us know which it might be, threat or no threat, after Election Day.

But Kerry’s votes against funding the Tomahawk cruise missile, a Navy aircraft carrier, Air Force fighter planes, and unmanned aerial surveillance vehicles speak very clearly. There is no confusion hidden in his record; it is plain for anyone who wishes to see the truth. What Kerry’s record tells me is that he will not be committed to protecting the citizens of the United States from the radical Islamists who want us all dead. I can only conclude that I’m not safe with him as President and neither is my family.

I think untold numbers of Americans feel exactly as I do. Our numbers are far greater than any of the Old Media polls suggest. On November 2, I’m betting that John Kerry’s record will come home to roost.