Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Real Job

I had to chuckle at Teresa Heinz-Kerry's faux pas (excuse the French) over Laura Bush never having had a "real job." Spoken like a true blueblood with no clue about real life. The ensuing media furor and resulting apology from Heinz-Kerry was even more amusing. Oh yes, the library and the classroom do count as jobs, Laura, so sorry. But raising two daughters? Not even worth mentioning. Of course, it's an understandable oversight on Kerry's part. I've heard that the rich folks have people to do that sort of thing for them.

In making her denigrating remarks, it could be that Heinz-Kerry was simply letting the catty side of her female self take charge of the moment. I noticed that John Kerry made a point of formally acknowledging his admiration for Laura Bush and complimenting the President on his wife in both the second and third debates. President Bush, to his own self true, did not return the compliment. In the final debate, Bush talked about meeting Laura and falling in "love at first sight." In his turn, John Kerry talked about having "married up" before moving on to a story about his mother. That's enough to throw any gal into a hissy fit.

Laura Bush was characteristically gracious in stating that no apology from Teresa Heinz-Kerry was necessary. This campaign may come down to which woman the voters wish to see as First Lady for four years. Which, by the way, certainly qualifies as a separate career in itself. Do we want poise, genuine charm, graceful class, and quiet intelligence? Or do we want irritability, blunt criticism, inappropriate language, and angry impatience? Hmm....let me think about this for a minute.

The facts of the matter are, Laura Bush has had several challenging jobs in her life. She has been a teacher and a librarian. She is a wife and a mother. Her impassioned advocacy for national literacy has made her one of the most admirable First Ladies the United States has ever been fortunate enough to have.

I vote for letting Laura Bush keep her job for another four years. How many of you ladies--especially you hard-working, full time moms--are with me?