Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Second Guessing

It's World Series season, one of my favorite times of the year. This year, the post season games don't seem to be as much fun to watch as they used to be. Several of the umpire's calls have been tough to take.

Umpires are human, they make mistakes like everyone else. But when umpires screw up, millions of people agonize over their errors. It's way more public than just ticking off the boss at the office. No way I'd want the ump's job.

I was pulling for the Angels to win (naturally!), so the officiating left me cold. Now, I'm routing for the Astros. There are several reasons why. They've never been to the World Series before. Roger Clemens just lost his mother. I've always liked Andy Pettitte (even though I despise the Yankees). And the city of Houston has been a kind and generous neighbor to evacuees from this year's Gulfcoast hurricanes. I'd like to see Houston win.

The Astros are down 2-0 in the Series. Maybe that's why I'm blogging instead of watching the game. But I just checked the score, and it's 2-zip Astros, bottom of the third, 2 out, first and third. Time to leave the past behind and give the umpires another chance...

Base hit, 3-0 Houston. Bye for now!

Update: Final, White Sox 7-5 in the 14th. Can't blame this one on the umpires!