Saturday, December 17, 2005

Going Ahab

...I'll chase him round Good Hope, and round the horn, and round the norway maelstrom, and round perdition's flames before I give him up. ~ Captain Ahab, Moby Dick

Why hasn't anyone thought of this brilliant analogy before? It's so obvious that maybe it's natural that the comparison has been overlooked. Overlooked until yesterday, when a very insightful caller to Hugh Hewitt's show and did a dramatic recitation of Ahab's impassioned vow to destroy the white whale to express his reaction to the Senate's defeat of the Patriot Act renewal.

Of course! George W. Bush is the white whale who has wounded the Democrats, and their loyal MSM mouthpieces, and thus far eluded their vengeance. None of them will be content until Bush has been brought to ruin, no matter what the cost is to the country. Bringing down Bush is the only priority. Everything and everyone else is totally expendable.

The Senate has "gone Ahab," and it's a grudge of selfish, obsessive luxury that Americans can ill afford at this point in time. The Islamo-terrorists are certainly rejoicing as U.S. Senators steer our ship of state into unfathomable danger.

Contact your state's Senators and tell them to rack their harpoons while we're still above water.