Saturday, December 31, 2005

Lighting A Candle

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.
~ Chinese proverb

What would happen if all news media decided to publish a list of the most positive events of the past year? I know, it's kind of beyond imagining. But wait, we can make our own list. It's New Year's Eve, time to have a little fun. Grab a paper and pencil, think back over 2005, and write down only good news. Don't stop until you have ten feel-good news items.

It's not that difficult. Here are my choices:

1. U.S. response to the tsunami relief efforts is overwhelmingly generous.
2. First Iraqi vote is a huge success.
3. Pope Benedict XVI is elected to succeed John Paul II.
4. U.S. response to Hurricane Katrina is overwhelmingly generous.
5. U.S. response to Hurricane Rita is overwhelmingly generous.
6. Second Iraq vote is a huge success.
7. President Bush comes out swinging on national security issues.
8. Third Iraqi vote is a huge success.
9. The U.S. continues to be safe from terrorist attacks since 9/11/01.
10. Our military stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq continues to do our nation proud.

There. That didn't take very long. Despite the doomsaying of MSM reporters, 2005 was a remarkably hopeful year. Maybe they should write that down.